Wednesday, March 21, 2007

the sacrifices I make

I cherish my sleep... and when I don't get enough I am droggy all day, I get headaches, and I am in a bad mood. I look forward to Saturday all week because it is the only day I don't have to be out the door by 8:30. lately, I have been sacrificing my sleep for some pretty important things - my job and the boy. I have been working a lot of late nights and a ton at home. and circumstances in our lives require us to spend most of our time together and on the phone late at night. and I really don't mind, except that I think maybe it is backfiring. I think the toll it is taking on me might be weighing on our relationship and my performance at work. is it worth it? worse though, am I getting old? I remember when I used to stay up EVERY night until 3 or later. and those were the days that I had to leave for school or early morning summer practice by 6:30 AM! what happened?

Thursday, March 08, 2007

i'm just sayin...

okay, okay, maybe I spoke too soon about Oprah. although I did say I was sure she did some good things with her money. however, I do wonder if the tax benefits from something like that are pretty rewarding... I'm just sayin...

Friday, March 02, 2007

A to B

I have always been an A to Z thinker. I just can't help myself. I see the whole picture, I imagine the entire process from beginning to end. this is actually a great thing professionally and it has really been an asset for me in every job I have ever had. now, if I could reserve that skill for work I think I would be set, but it seems to be the way I handle every aspect of my life and it has really bit me in the butt in almost all of my relationships thus far. see, I believe the main difference between men and women is that women generally see things from A to Z and men generally see things from A to B. when I go out with someone I am not just considering a kiss at the end of the night or a second date (B) as the guy is, I am considering whether or not there is long term potential, whether I can picture myself marrying the guy (Z). talk about adding unneeded additional pressure to a first date! but, no matter how much I try to ignore that instinct it keeps pushing its way to the forefront of my thoughts. I wonder if his career path has potential, or if it is something I could live with (unlike the vet I dated... yuck). I judge his clothes, taste in music, spending habits, manners, and hobbies against mine to see if we would mesh well. and if things are okay to that point I sometimes even consider how his last name sounds with my first and whether or not our kids would be cute. this sounds crazy, right? most guys think it is, but almost all of my girlfriends admit to very similar thoughts.

I met this amazing guy last summer. he was in Iraq at the time, he is a medic in the guard, so we were limited to chatting, emails and phone calls. with most guys that wouldn't last very long, but we kept it up for 6 months and never got bored or tired of it. we always had something to talk about and we clicked like no one I had ever met before. he has been home for four months now and things have been going great. I think mostly because I have been containing the A to Z beast, or at least hiding it from him. my best friend Marti has been the one encouraging this and keeping me going. thanks, Mart. but, yesterday it reared its ugly head. he is in Venezuela right now, so conversation has been minimal for a while. when I blurted it out, it was kind of out of the blue, and I was even surprised when I said it. I guess I started slacking since he left and I'm no longer strong enough to contain it. so, I did it. I tried to force my A to Z thinking on him. he seemed to handle it well, but if I screw this one up too, I don't know if I will bounce back. I seriously don't know how people ever have successful relationships. did I ruin my chances by waiting until I had grown up before I tried to make them work? maybe I should have gone for the plunge when I was still young, clueless and impressionable so that we could grow into a relationship together... ??